ANPA company was established in 1998, with the corporate object of designing and constructing moulds for plastic materials. The initial investments have lead the company to specialize in the field of injecting, with the purpose of providing its customers with a full service, thus giving the advantage of controlling and assuring the quality of the entire industrial process.

The build-up experience, thanks to the traditional family activity in the field of moulding, plus the ability of creating innovation through substantial investments in modern technology and a young "design oriented" mentality, have brought the company to important partnerships with italian brands. Anpa is a proud vehicle of their true values.

In recent years the flexibility of the production made it possible to move the core business from production of components to create finished products. In 2007 comes the first shower and then shower heads, sliding rails and shower columns, forming a range of products in continuous development. The introduction in the production of valuable materials, brass and stainless steel, has added further depth and variety by increasing the available choices to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Quality, attention to detail, speed of design and production of new products and customizations has allowed Anpa to grow and to be appreciated in this new market.